Ford patents floor-mounted airbags to protect rear passengers

The airbags would inflate almost as high up as the roof.

According to a media report, Ford is said to have filed a patent for floor-mounted airbags positioned between the rear seats & the cargo space. The airbags can be applied on both passenger cars and commercial vehicles to help keep rear-seat occupants safe in a collision.

As per reports, the airbags will be hidden underneath the floor of the cargo area, near the back of the rear seats. In case of a collision, the airbag would inflate in a C-shape along the seatbacks and the side walls. The airbags would inflate almost as high up as the roof, creating a barrier preventing anything kept in the cargo area from hitting the occupants in the back seat. Also, a part of the airbag would extend over the seatback, protecting the heads of the occupants. The activation of the airbag is said to follow the same methods as that which protects the drivers.

However, the tech has just been patented at the moment, which doesn't guarantee Ford actually putting it into production anytime soon.

Source: Motor1

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