Ford trademarks 'Skyline' name for the US market

However, what Ford does with the 'Skyline' name is yet to be seen.

Ford is said to have trademarked the name 'Skyline' for the US market. According to a media report, the American carmaker submitted the trademark application for the 'Skyline' at the US Patent & Trademark Office on July 12, 2021.

Reports suggest that Ford has filed the name under "Motor land vehicles, namely SUVs, Trucks & automobiles". However, what Ford does with the 'Skyline' name is yet to be seen. Just because a name has been trademarked by a carmaker, it doesn't always mean it will result in a production vehicle.

Ford has also never used the 'Skyline' name on any of its products in the past, although it has used 'Skyliner' back in the 50s. One of the most recent use of the Skyliner name was in 2014, when the company unveiled a concept vehicle based on the Transit.

The Skyline name is most famously associated with a Nissan sedan, with a long history of high-performance models back in the 90s. Nissan had earlier announced that the company will discontinue its entire sedan lineup in the Japanese market, however, it will 'never give up on the Skyline'.

Source: Ford Authority

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