Fresh Pics of Hyundai's next generation i10

A big shout out to Prabhanjan Tattar for sharing these scoop pictures. Prabhanjan was able to snap a series of pics of Hyundai’s next-generation i10 undergoing tests on a wicked set of alloy wheels.

The two camouflaged cars were spotted on NH4, about 50 kms from Chennai. Sightings of the car have gathered momentum as the launch is rumoured to be around Diwali this year. 

What you need to know about the all-new i10:

  • Will follow Hyundai’s Fluidic design philosophy
  • New 1.1L diesel motor (Hyundai’s smallest yet)
  • Same 1.2L Kappa2 petrol engine
  • Interiors an improvement on the current i10, which already offers segment-leading quality
  • Seats are expected to feature adjustable headrests (unlike the integrated units of current i10)
  • Bit more legroom for rear passengers
  • Large front air dam as on the i20, with fog lights on higher variants
  • A higher standard of crash worthiness

Expect the next-gen i10 to be the first real competition to Maruti’s Swift which has had an almost unchallenged run thus far. Maruti sold 38,462 Swifts in the first two months of this year, compared to 16,734 i10s by Hyundai. Of course, the Swift is available with a diesel engine, but the i10 makes do only with petrol power. When we consider the fact that 3/4th of Swift deliveries are for the diesel variant, it's obvious that the i10 petrol does outsell the Swift petrol. 

The real challenge to the Swift will come from the next-gen i10’s diesel variant. The current generation car is getting long in the tooth, as evinced by dropping sales. The i10 was launched in October 2007, with a face-lifted version appearing in 2010. 

Hyundai isn't sure whether it should discontinue the current i10, after the launch of the next generation. Chances are, the present i10 will only be sold with the Santro's 1.1L iRDE2 petrol engine and low - mid level trims at a lower price point. There is no indication as yet from Hyundai on the fate of the Santro, which maintains steady sales of around 3,500 units per month. 

As unlikely as it is, we do hope Hyundai is somehow able to launch a 4-speed automatic with the new i10 diesel. No manufacturer offers a diesel + AT hatchback; that's an opportunity just waiting to be tapped.

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