Fuel economy of my Ertiga on highway with 2 people & fully loaded boot

During the trip, the AC was always kept on & we used the cruise control for 95% of the time.

BHPian RSMM recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I want to share about the fuel economy of my new Ertiga 2022 Automatic.

I have Pearl White New Ertiga 2022, ZXi+ Automatic, bought in November 2022. Recently I did a lap from Bangalore to Mysore on the new expressway NH275 (yet to be inaugurated).

Prior to this trip, I verified the fuel consumption as displayed on the MID to tank full method. I have observed that the MID reading is very close to the tank-to-tank method. Maximum variation I have observed is 1 km.

During this trip, I did a tank full of regular Petrol at Indian Oil. I reset the MID before the trip started. Here are the trip details and a picture showing the MID reading after completing 125 km.

  • Persons travelled: 2
  • Boot: fully loaded with 3rd row folded
  • Tyre pressure: All 4 set at 30PSI
  • 95% of the trip using Cruise control set at 90Km/h (max on this highway is 100Km/h)
  • 100% time AC on, set at comfortable 25C in Auto mode

Maruti Suzuki claimed mileage for this model is 20.3Km/L

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