Gear shifter failure on my Jaguar XE: Got a repair estimate of 1.5 lakh

Since this is a known defect with Jaguar cars it should be replaced free of cost which has also created a lot of inconvenience for us.

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We have been loyal customers of Jaguar and have been using the Jaguar XE since 2017 with Registration Number - MH01CP8796; which has run approximately 25,000 km however we are unhappy with the issue resolution we have received.

On 14th March 2023, the car gave a sudden issue where the gear was not shifting to 'Drive' mode. We had to immediately move the car late at night (3.00 am) via Roadside Assistance to the service centre as the car was not moving. Upon further inspection, it was observed that the gearbox was not in Park Message on IPK, with the gear shifter also needing to be replaced.

We know that the failure of the gear shifter is not a wear and tear issue and is a manufacturing defect. Even found out that this is a global issue.

We request you to kindly arrange replacing the gear shifter free of cost, since it is a known issue and is happening regularly with Jaguar users.

Attached is a copy of the estimate received from the service centre for your ready reference and kind perusal.

Since this is a known defect with Jaguar cars this should be replaced free of cost which has also created a lot of inconvenience for us.

Looking forward to hearing from you in this regard at the earliest.

Here's what BHPian udzgodfather had to say about the matter:

It's sad to see that even after paying such premiums for luxury cars, a customer has to suffer so much on the dealer's end.

J&LR are known for their breakdowns and poor services in India, I know a lot of J&LR customers who are not happy with the dealer service network. It is sad to see that they are not doing anything about it, I hope the management takes cognizance and resolves the issue at the earliest.

May this just be a bump in your ownership experience and you have many more happy miles on your beautiful machine.

Here's what BHPian Turbanator had to say about the matter:

Yes, JLR is renowned for bad cars and most buyers are aware of this, but the car is out of warranty. Given the low mileage and if this issue is known, JLR can offer some or a complete goodwill rebate but I won't fault the dealer just because they are asking money for repairs. Battery and wipers are wear & tear parts so those won't qualify for any goodwill rebate.

But since the battery is bad, should the dealer not see if by any chance this whole fault is due to the battery? If they have already checked, then I am afraid, the customer has to ask the dealer to take up with the manufacturer for any support. It will be the prerogative of the manufacturer to pass any such benefits or not.

Here's what BHPian Jeroen had to say about the matter:

One would hope the Jaguar mechanic did a good job diagnosing this problem. But statistics say it is more likely to be a different problem or at least one that could be solved for far less.

Jaguars are known for being very finicky towards a good battery. Ask me how I know. Without a good battery, all sorts of odd problems could materialise.

So without a new battery, it would be difficult to draw any final conclusion. A Jaguar with a poor battery just spews out error codes and starts doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

Coming to this particular issue, yes it is a known issue.

The most common causes are, in no particular order:

  • Shift lock solenoid - the shift lock mechanism stops the driver from being able to take the vehicle out of park when the engine is off. It also stops the driver from being able to select a gear without depressing the brake pedal and the ignition on.
  • Ignition barrel - If the ignition barrel is faulty it can cause the transmission to get stuck in park.
  • Faulty shifter mechanism - If the shifter or the shift bushes are worn it can make the transmission hard to shift into gear.
  • Faulty shifter cable - If your shifter cable is damaged or worn it can cause issues trying to get into gear.
  • Failing transmission - Internal failures inside the transmission such as valves or torque convertor issues could also stop the transmission from shifting properly.

Every single one of them, except the last one, has an easy fix. However, Jaguar dealers often won't go that way and will just replace complete (expensive) assemblies.

My own experience with Jaguar TDC faults is that 95% of them tend to be related to poor battery, poor electrical connection or ground. This means most faults are easily fixed by a new battery and thorough cleaning of battery terminals, fuses, electrical connectors and ground straps.

I am not saying this is the case here. We simply do not know. However, as they believe the battery needs replacing is almost a giveaway. With a poor battery and some dirt/corrosion on various contact, you get these sorts of problems. A new battery alone might solve the problem as it will provide a higher voltage, but the real problem might just be some dirt on a few electrical contacts.

Good luck

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