Germany to cancel registration of unfixed dieselgate cars

The motor transport authority of Germany has ordered people who have not yet fixed their cars affected by the dieselgate emissions scandal to either fix them or gear up for having their registrations cancelled. According to a media report, the authorities in Munich and Hamburg have already cancelled the registrations of multiple Volkswagen and Audi cars.

It has been reported that some users have noticed a 10 percent decrease in performance post the fix. Hence, many of them are reluctant to hand over their cars to the company to have them fixed. Unlike the USA, there have been no fines or buyback schemes in Europe. The German authorities have claimed that 95% of the 2.46 million affected vehicles have been fixed.

In 2015, Volkswagen admitted to the use of a software for cheating in emission tests. At present, the CEO of Audiex-CEO of Volkswagen and head of powertrain of Porsche have been arrested in relation to this scandal.

Source: Truth about Cars

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