Google to shut down Android Auto app for phones

This new feature will come in-built in all phones with Android 12.

Google has announced that they will be shutting down the Android Auto app for phone screens with Android 12. While the smartphone beaming platform itself will continue, the special Android launcher for phone screens will be killed off. The special launcher was first introduced in 2016 and featured an optimised user interface for ease of use while driving.

In a statement, Google stated that customers who use the on-phone experience (the Android Auto app), will now be migrated towards the new 'Google Assistant driving mode'. This new feature will come in-built in all phones with Android 12. The new Assistant driving mode is said to be an evolution of the mobile driving experience.

Google already rolled out the new feature in the US markets back in October 2020. However, most customers outside the US started receiving it only post April 2021. Google also stated that the Android Auto app will be killed off once the Android 12 software update has been rolled out completely.

While there is no official word from Google, it is speculated that older phones which do not qualify for the Android 12 update could see the app continue to work at least for a while. However, the app is expected to be completely removed on newer phones.

Source: 9to5Google

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