Got a 4x4? Kerala needs your help


Kerala has witnessed incessant rains over the past weeks leading to waterlogged areas, damaged roads, landslides and lack of electricity in many regions. Government authorities along with locals have now launched a state wide rescue operation.

To help with relief operations in Kerala, the different district relief managements have requested 4x4 owners to co-ordinate with them in reaching hard to reach rescue locations. Different emergency numbers can be reached using this URL. Respective district collectors' offices or collectorate numbers can be reached to extend this help.

The rain hasn't stopped for the past 24 hours in many parts of Kerala. 35 out of 39 dams in the state had to be opened for the first time due to rising water levels. It is reported to be the second worst flooding in Kerala since 1924 with many lives being lost.

Over 15 bridges have collapsed, over 10,000 km of road damaged, many landslides reported and thousands of homes damaged. The estimated loss is over Rs. 8,300 crores. Currently, all the 14 districts of the state have been placed under red alert.

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