Got my Jeep Compass serviced at 1.30 lakh km ahead of a long drive

I could have stretched this service for another 3-4K Kms as the oil change was done 6-7K Kms back

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Regular service at 1,29,258 Kms (@ PPS/MPS, Electronic City, Hosur Road):

The ODO was getting closer to 1,30,000 Kms and with a long drive coming up, I decided to get the service done. I could have stretched this service for another 3-4K Kms as the oil change was done 6-7K Kms back (for the Zanskar Valley drive which didn’t happen), but I decided to get this done.

Jobs done in this service:

  • General checkup
  • Engine Oil/Filter replaced
  • Air Filter replaced
  • AC filter replaced
  • Fuel filter replaced
  • The rattling sound on the dashboard fixed

Total Bill: 13,600 /-

For the first time since my Linea days, I couldn’t stay with the car during the service due to my hectic work schedule. However, technicians at PPS did a good job and kept updating me on the service progress. Also, the rattling noise from the dashboard was fixed this time. Earlier it was difficult to replicate this rattling sound but lately, this issue was easily reproducible.

Overall, they have done a good job.

Some pics

Brake pads after 30K Kms (approx.)

After the Service

Wheel Alignment/Balancing @ Madhus:

As usual, I got the WA/WB at Madhus. Due to some reason, the Sensairy app was not refreshing the tyre pressure for the front right and the rear left tyres. The guys at Madhus tried refitting it, but it didn’t help. After discussing with Sensairy support they asked me to replace these two sensors, but they couldn’t find any other workaround to fix this issue. Since it's already 3 years, this was not covered by warranty.

So, I had to pay 2800/- to get these two sensors replaced.

The WA/WB cost 2,200/-

Tyres look good at 30K Kms. So far there is no uneven wear observed.

Current ODO is at 1,29,284 Km

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