Got my Toyota Hyryder hybrid: 7 key observations after first 150 kms

Fuel efficiency so far is 20 kmpl. All city riving, AC on all time, all in Normal mode.

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Did the PDI as per team bhp list on Wednesday and took the delivery on Friday evening. As of Sunday evening, odometer reads 150 km. Some quick observations:

  • Fuel efficiency is 20 kmpl , all city, AC on all time, all in Normal mode.
  • TPMS says 325 kpa , while recommended is 230 kpa. Toyota dealer should have ensured recommended tyre pressure at time of delivery
  • Battery refused to go above 2 bars.
  • I have put in DDpai nola n3 pro GPS dual dash cam , which can be assessed via wifi . Problem is, phone is connected to HU via Android Auto - which requires both wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Only way around to access footage stored in dash cam wirelessly which i could found, is to switch off HU AND force stop Android Auto app in phone. Because If app is running on phone, it overides your attempt to connect wifi network of dash cam and switches on the HU.
  • If you have previously accessed dash cam by force stopping Android Auto app in phone, at next " ignition on " instance (whenever you switch on the vehicle next) , Android Auto refuses to connect to HU.
  • Drivability is good. NVH levels are NOT harsh, you can get used to it - sound is like a background humm when engine comes on. Rest of the time, it's nicely quite.

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