Got myself a preowned BMW 530d M-Sport: Should I get a stage 1 remap

The car was certainly priced at a premium over the market price, but it's always worthwhile to pay the premium at the first instance in return for the peace of mind.

BHPian Jagatvir recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here's the latest acquisition, is it just another impulsive decision or is it a vehicle that will sketch long lasting memories, only time shall tell.

Like most of us, after some mindless scavenging through the classifieds this beauty propped up for sale, luckily it was within the same vicinity. When I say the same vicinity, it truly was less than a KM away from my residence. Quickly dropped a text and the person who owned the car turned out to be an acquaintance. It's always an added bonus when you know of the owner of the car who's word can be trusted for.

The car in question is a one owner, 2013 BMW 530d M Sport that had run 56,000 KM. The owner of the car had always taken the car to the BMW authorized workshop for each and every service. Heck, even the run flat tyres were ordered and replaced at the dealership itself.

The car was certainly priced at a premium over the market price, but it's always worthwhile to pay the premium at the first instance in return for the peace of mind.

The car is an absolute joy to drive. It's truely incredible that despite being ten years old, most of the elements of the car are very much relevant today. The design has aged really well and it looks fairly contemporary even today.

Enough has already been said about the N 57 inline 6 cylinder engine and the wonderful ZF 8 speed gearbox, both of which work seamlessly together.

Still, the urge to get more power doesn't get satiated so easily.

Would like to get suggestions if I should go ahead with a stage 1 remap. If yes,

What are the possibilities of the reliability being affected?

I'm situated in Chandigarh, who should I get the remap done from?

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Congrats! Our cars are very, very similar (year, colour, odometer reading & even the choice of Team-BHP sticker).

Would suggest enjoying the car first. Put in a couple of months getting to know her & understanding her. There is enough power on tap in stock mode. Then, move onto mods = engine remap, gearbox remap, tubeless tyres (when your current tyres wear out). Other than these, there is not much to do to the 530d. It has everything.

Immediately, what I'd recommend is debadging, sporty black grille, coding & a long highway drive . Many options in the hidden menu. Some which I found very useful are putting the idling start / stop OFF by default, ORVM fold when you long-press the lock button etc. Go to a coder and play around with the options in the hidden menus.

Here's what BHPian avira_tk had to say on the matter:

Congrats on getting a great car with low running from an acquaintance, something only most people wish they could.

The car is serviced at BMW, but according to them, the gearbox is sealed for life, given the car's age, do you think it needs transmission oil change?

Here's GTO's reply:

I have NEVER believed the "sealed for life" claims for any gearbox. If it's mechanical, it requires maintenance. Period.

ZF itself disagrees with BMW as they recommend a fluid change at the 7-8 year mark. I have gotten it done for my car. I forgot how much, but the gearbox took in a lot of oil and there was a special filter etc.

@ ZF-owners, don't miss this crucial maintenance for your lovely gearbox.

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