Government to add 10,000 electric cars to its fleet


Earlier this year, we had reported that the Government of India is aiming to stop the sales of all petrol and diesel cars in the country by 2030 and only allow the sales of electric cars. Now, according to media reports, the government is looking to replace the existing cars in its fleet with electric vehicles. As a step in this direction, the state-owned Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) has invited global bids for 10,000 electric cars.

The EESL has revealed that the government is looking at all-electric four-door sedans offering a range of 120-150 km on a single charge. The organisation plans to acquire 1,000 electric sedans in the first phase. These cars will be used by government departments in Delhi-NCR. At present, the only all-electric sedan on sale in India is the Mahindra eVerito. 

Tenders have also been floated for setting up a charging infrastructure in the area in which these cars will mostly operate. The plan is to install 3,000 alternating current (AC) charging points and another 1,000 direct current (DC) charging stations. Additionally, 400 chargers are expected to be provided by NTPC and PowerGrid at different locations in Delhi-NCR.

Under the recent tax reforms, electric cars, 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers attract 12% tax. All petrol and diesel vehicles attract 28% tax, while luxury and hybrid cars also attract an additional cess. 

Source: ET Auto

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