A Gypsy & Thar owner checks the Jimny out: 10 quick observations

If it ever comes in the 2-door avatar, I'd be very tempted to pick one up at 12/13-ish lac on-road.

BHPian cool_dube recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Made a quick stopover at a nearby Nexa outlet to check the Jimny out this last Saturday. Will not post any pictures, as there are enough and more available on the internet and I am bored to death seeing the same Canary (all right, all right, Kinetic) Yellow shade all over the internet! Few observations on the Jimny, having owned a couple of Gypsy's in the past and presently owning a 2021 Thar:

  • It is not grossly disproportionate but not well proportioned either. Any SWB enthusiast should easily be able to make out that it was always meant to be a 2-door and stretching it to a 4-door model was an afterthought. Certainly appears long for its width.
  • Interiors are average - function over form, and for the most part, well put together. Quality of plastics was questionable, though.
  • Seats are nowhere as comfortable and supportive as the Thar's. Rear ones have zero under-thigh support. Seat fabric does not look like being able to take rough usage.
  • Steering and console are quite good.
  • Lack of height adjustable driver's seat is a big miss.
  • Tires look outright pathetic and warrant immediate change to 215s.
  • Build quality is good for a Maruti product but nowhere close to the Thar's.
  • I will TD one when drives begin next month. Highly skeptical of the engine performance, though.
  • If I were to buy one, max I'd pay for top end AT would be 15 lac on road.
  • Lastly, if it ever comes in the 2-door avatar, I'd be VERY tempted to pick one up at 12/13-ish lac on-road.

Bottom-line - it is a cute toy, an evolved Gypsy, something for the child in you to play around/tinker with! Looking for road-presence, look elsewhere.

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