Had a terrific experience at Nexa during my Baleno's fifth service

Within the next half an hour, the service advisor started opening the digital job card and also offered to drop me off but I had plans to stay, work from there and return with the car in the afternoon.

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In an age when sinking startups are trying to disrupt the servicing segment, it is hard to overlook the efficiency and quality standards of the existing system in place. Had a truly superlative experience with the car’s fifth servicing at Pasco Automobiles Nexa Service centre in Gurgaon on January 16.

I was the first one to be there at 5:45am, straight after an early-morning airport run, and the humble guard registered me in for the day and offered to safely park inside, to be able to take a quick nap until the staff arrives by 7:00am:

He unlocked the premises so that I could use the spic-and-span washroom and also offered water as a basic gesture of courtesy:

As I parked myself in the rear bench of the car, he turned off all the lights so that I could catch whatever sleep possible before the sun came up:

The dawn breaks on this cold Delhi morning:

The service manager and service advisor  – were the first to show up around 7:00am and I could hear the faint hustle and bustle as the janitor too had started sweeping the porch. I let them settle in and finally came out of the car around 7:30am when I could not bear the cold anymore.

Within the next half an hour, the service advisor started opening the digital job card and also offered to drop me off but I had plans to stay, work from there and return with the car in the afternoon:

The cozy lounge with the morning papers was now open and the staff was already gearing up for the gazillion coffee cups through the day:

I emptied the car and put my stuff in the lounge, grabbed a cuppa and headed to bask in the sun in this cold winter morning:

Uniquely, this workshop boasts of a huge parking area which is used to safely stow away the serviced cars until delivery or dispatch to the customer:

The work started with the vacuuming and washing and mine was the first car in the que. The cleaning team obliged by using my clay bar on the exterior after the foam application:

I had reported just one specific concern – to resolve the rusting that had occurred around the battery clamp and tray area – as they had overfilled the distilled water in the last service:

It was promptly resolved with the mechanic first removing the battery, cleaning the terminals and base with hot water, drying the entire area with pressurised air, and finally changing the clamps and screws with new one:

The team ensured that this time around they fill it to the appropriate level and remove the extra water using a syringe:

The battery readings were taken down as well and the health came out to be good, with need for some recharge:

The other scheduled tasks part of the preventive maintenance were also diligently done with the car being stationed at the service bay:

The jobs performed:

  • Oil filter replaced: Part No. 16510-M-68K00
  • Engine oil changed: 0W16
  • Engine air filter: cleaned
  • Cabin air filter: replaced with PM2.5 type – Part No. – 990J0M56RS0-010
  • Rear wiper blade: replaced
  • Front wipers: I had already got them replaced from a MASS during the 2022 monsoons
  • Tyres: Wheel balancing, 5-tyre rotation, and alignment

The brake cleaning in progress:

After the head technician did a thorough underbody inspection, and the tyre rotation and alignment was done, I was taken on a test drive to see if everything was in place.

The work was done with utmost satisfaction and I had handed over my Turtle Wax spray wax to the cleaning supervisor to be applied on the car’s exterior under the sun. While they happily obliged and kept the car ready in the parking area around 12:30pm, I continued working in the lounge, and started to make a move around 1:00pm.

The service advisor as well as the service manager offered me lunch at their employee mess in the 3S outlet next door. They took me to the canteen and it was a sumptuous, healthy meal, much needed at this hour after an early start to the day:

The final bill came out to Rs 6,663 on which they redeemed my existing Nexa points worth Rs 963 to make the final payable amount as Rs 5,700:

I gave an excellent rating to the team - SA, SM and the gatekeeper. Encountered a new milestone on my way back:

A terrific service experience at this service centre:

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