A happy Jaguar XE owner stands by the brand: Shares his experience

I'll buy the Jaguar XE over the 3 Series, C-Class or A4 anytime.

BHPian Tutenkhamen recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I am not sure if I follow, or want to follow but Jags look killer to me. (No offence to anyone) but the 3 Series looks meh and Benz's are far too common where I live, Mohali / Chandigarh. I like my cars to be a jack of few (if not all) trades and probably the master of one (if not more).

Head-turning potential is important to me and I would venture to say, it's the same for all of J and LR fans. Jaguars for their pouncing saloon silhouettes and LRs for their big boy masculine looks.

Coming to ASS, I haven’t had any issues so far, touch wood. In fact, I had some random person jam into Olivia (my SE XE) and gave me a heartbreak. I thought of taking her to JLR Dada Motors Ludhiyana and checked with my SA there. I had done a scratch fingernail test earlier. That guy suggested I spray a dio, rub a good fabric, massage toothpaste and rub the fabric again, voila! 100% of that scratch was gone and that guy didn’t leverage this opportunity to make a few thousand bucks.

I appreciate that. And I don’t know if other brands would have done the same. Thoughts?

Anyway. My XE cost me 44.5 OTR and 3GLi, new C-Cass are almost 1.5x of that now. Do they bring enough stuff for that ~20L difference?!

Given a chance, I’ll buy XE or that sweet yacht XJ V8 anytime over a 3/C/A4 or a 7/A8 again.

I have a special place for the previous year's S-Class, now-discontinued 530d and S90 though; having grown up with their iterations.

But IMHO, this thread seems to imply all bad things about this legendary brand. There is a reasonably big fan following for JLR in India.

I really hope they expand on their inventory with more engine options or leverage LR’s engines in Jaguars.

Again, my 2 cents only.

A happy XE owner

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