Hassle-free 5 years with my Maruti Swift: 40,000 km service update

Overall fuel efficiency so far is 15.2 km/l, with 30% highway and 70% city driving.

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Hello everyone, thought I'd post an update after my Swift has covered 40,000 km, in just under 5 years:

  1. Transmission juddering still exists for the initial few minutes of driving. Been happening for a while now. Can't put a finger on how many km this happens, but after the initial warm-up, the car drives well. I even do wheel spins at signals sometimes, so I'm guessing that the clutch is fine.
  2. Been having FRHS brake pad rattling issues for the last 1,500 to 2,000km. Changed it at the service centre but it reappeared again for the last 500km or so. Could potentially be insufficient greasing or misaligned clips, so planning to get it checked again
  3. Changed to fully synthetic Amsoil 0W-50 engine oil at 35,000km, which is supposed to last up to 15,000km, based on a friend's car oil condition, but I check it periodically anyway.
  4. I do my own servicing so I ensure to change both air filters every 5,000 km. I know the OEM says 20k and 40k but the air is so polluted, I prefer to change it.
  5. Approximate overall mileage so far is 15.2km/l, with 30% highway and 70% city

Apart from that, it's been a seriously hassle-free ownership and in my opinion a perfect city car. It's also been a great highway vehicle too.

So for the 40k service, based also on the OEM recommendation, I'm going to:

  • Change spark plugs, fuel filters, air filters and coolant
  • Planning on adding coolant flush and fuel system cleaner before changing the above
  • Rotating tyres (done every 5000km); quite a bit of tread left on the original Apollos
  • Brake fluid flush at the dealer's

Hopefully, this helps current and potential owners of the Swift along their journeys of ownership as well.

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