Have 3 cars but want to only retain 2: Confused with which one to sell

As I am in town, we are able to use the Corolla and when both Taigun and Corolla are busy, my dad takes the Innova.

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Hey guys,

As the topic mentions, we have 3 cars at home but all of us mostly just require one car everyday. It's just on some days that we take the 2nd or 3rd car out - if the 1st car is taken by someone or when we have to go out for a gathering. On regular days, we just drive one of the three cars depending on which car was driven last.


We have a 2019 February Toyota Innova Crysta 2.7 Petrol ZX AT (at 35,xxx kms), a 2019 December Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 Petrol VL CVT (at 19,xxx kms) and a 2022 March Volkswagen Taigun 1.0 Petrol Manual Highline (at 5,9xx kms).

The Innova used to be my dad's daily drive until a month back but since he's now working from home, it's mostly parked at home, or is driven once a week.

The Corolla is loved by all, it is mostly used by me when I have to go out for work or to meet friends and family or even if it's going out for a drive.

The Taigun was bought for my mom. My mom is a housewife, involved in some social and community work and prefers manuals. My mom also doesn't have to drive it everyday, so this car is used by me, my dad, my mom and even my sisters for even the smallest of the work.

Now, we are a family of 5 (me, dad, mom and two sisters - out of which, one of the sisters lives overseas and in a month, I will also shift and do not have plans to come back).

(Next year we have some stuff planned - a few family gatherings and we will be needing the cars! so, does this all make sense?)

Their worry:

As I am in town, we are able to use the Corolla and when both Taigun and Corolla are busy, my dad takes the Innova. I went out of town for a couple of weeks, and in 5 days the Taigun was driven only 55 kms, the other cars were just parked. Even my dad stated that we just 'need' two cars. When I am not in town, who will drive the car? Dad said that he will have to make a schedule or something where he makes sure he drives both the Toyotas on week-by-week basis. But then, does that really make sense?

My worry:

Do we need a manual? Yes

Do we need a Taigun-sized car? Yes

Cool, so we are good with the Taigun.


Do we need an Innova? Yes, we've had it for quite a long time. It's nice. We love it.

Do we really need an Innova? Nope, 3rd row is usually of no use at home.

Do we need the Corolla? Not sure, it looks big, it's good to drive. You get nothing like that today.

Also my worry:

  • Will it be a good idea to keep the 3 cars until next year and then decide?
  • Will it be a good idea to keep the Taigun and sell either of the two cars?
  • Will it make sense to trade in the Toyotas for one 'big' / 'luxury' car for the equivalent amount of money? (Oh no! I don't think there's anything reliable in the 35-40 lakh rupees price bracket) Can we stretch the budget a little bit? Maybe, I'm not sure. There isn't anything tempting in the market!

(The car will be driven by my dad primarily)

Another problem:

With the Taigun, we have had mixed experiences. The unpopular ineffective AC issue, the brake noise at low speeds and also dealing with VW service centres.

With Toyota, nothing at all. Send the cars for scheduled services and no problem at all! Another reason why my family loves Toyotas! (Have been a Toyota customer since 2013).

Cars become like family members so maybe it's nice to have a 'reliable' product. We have owned cars from Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Ford and Volkswagen, but nothing beats the service Toyota offers.

I am confused about what we should do, or just let things be this way. Just to mention, the car (or cars) other than the Taigun is driven around 800-1000 kms every month (~400 in city, and ~500 on highways), whereas, the Taigun sees 1,400 kms of city driving every month.

Thank you.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

To simplify, if I had 3 cars and had to retain only 2, I'd get rid of the most inferior one. While all the cars you have are good, the Taigun can't match the Corolla Altis or Innova Crysta. The Altis is a superb sedan that will offer you 15 years of reliable, comfortable service at the least. The Innova is like a swiss knife - a workhorse whose presence in the family will always be valued.

Sell the Taigun.

Here's what BHPian androdev had to say on the matter:

Keep the Corolla for sure. Even though Innova is a safe bet, it's the wrong car. Taigun is a risky one but it's the right car. Pick your poison. I would keep the Taigun given that you have multiple members including ladies driving it.

Here's what BHPian ninjatalli had to say on the matter:

Interesting conundrum.

Are you the one responsible for the majority of the 1400 kms of driving on the Taigun every month? Would the rest of the family still see a need for a "new" car for in-city driving? If not, then let your mother (who the car was supposed to be for) have the first vote (to agree to sell the VW) as the other two are reliable workhorses. You'll face some depreciation but it should be fine if the person intended to use it is okay with letting it go.

If she says no, then sell the Corolla or the Innova depending on your family's choice - it's a seller's market and Toyotas will sell like hot cakes.

As for the functions next year, those are one-time events. Get a rental or other alternatives when the need arises.

Both on the other hand, if anyone else in your family is a driving enthusiast, then keeping a VW and a Toyota makes more sense.

Here's what BHPian Porcupine had to say on the matter:

Interesting situation.

I think your own post answered your question. The Taigun is new and a manual, for your mother, and she likes and uses the car. You use the Corolla, and you guys like that it looks big, is fairly fancy and easily way more fun to drive than the Innova, and will also be useful during the family festivities you have planned.

The Innova, you have no use for the extra space, it isn't fun to drive, your dad doesn't need it anymore, and is the oldest out of all your cars - which are all fairly new. Innova's sell pretty easily too.

If you don't need the space or the 'utility', sell the Innova and keep the Corolla and the Taigun.

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