Heart vs head: Buy the Classic 350 or settle for the Honda CB350?

Seriously speaking, I'm looking forward for group rides and a community to join in bangalore desperately.

BHPian Toxic_Drake recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I'm a young enthusiast looking for a retro motorcycle. My primary usage is for city commutes and occasional long drives. To be true I'm not accustomed to travelling up of 100km in bikes and have done all my long trips in a car.

But I'm now looking to expand my biking horizons and looking for a retro motorcycle. Two great options that I shortlisted were the RE Bullet 350 and the Honda CB 350 (not the H'ness).

But it has come to a point where one of the bikes is in the heart and other in the mind.

The heart's choice - RE Bullet 350


  • Styling
  • The Legendary name plate and RE badge
  • Engine characteristics (Low end grunt)
  • Seats and ride comfort
  • Large riding groups and communities in bangalore
  • Spread of service network
  • Feel of riding the bike


  • Service quality
  • Reliability concerns
  • Fit and finish and exposed wirings
  • Vibrations in the long run

The mind's choice - Honda CB 350


  • Top notch fit and finish
  • The paint looks and feels high quality
  • Honda service
  • Reliability
  • Engine sound
  • Weight balance is spot-on


  • Less community and riding groups

Seriously speaking, I'm looking forward for group rides and a community to join in bangalore desperately. So, that was the main flaw I could find in the Honda. Even the tall gearing in the Japanese brand did not bother me.

I request all the owners and senior enthusiasts to help me make the decision. Also if any CB 350 community in Bangalore, can you pls drop the details

Here's what BHPian jetsetgo008 had to say on the matter:

CB350, if you plan to use it for weekend/breakfast rides, long trips in group. Honda 350's are perfect for touring.

Bullet 350 for solo long trips( easy to repair by roadside mechanics), office/daily commute, milk packet runs etc.

Here's what BHPian Sebring had to say on the matter:

In Bangalore you don't have to worry. Once you purchase from BigWing, they add you to riding groups (and there are separate riding groups as well, exclusive Honda riders) So many invites that you might yell "stop"

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