Helmet with filter for Delhi bikers

Mavox Helmets is now offering a helmet that has an activated carbon filter integrated into it. The company claims that it can filter up to 93% of the pollutants from air.

Activated carbon is essentially charcoal that is treated with oxygen. This process opens up the pores in the carbon increasing its surface area. This enhances its absorption properties. When used as a filter, activated carbon traps pollutants in the air.

The Mavox FX30 helmets come equipped with the activated carbon filter. After heavy usage, the filter can be removed and washed. The FX30 helmet also has a UV resistant paint, visor and air vents.

The Mavox FX30 Max (Mono) costs Rs. 2,565, while the FX30 Max Dip (Graphical) costs Rs. 2,999. It is also available on Amazon & Flipkart.

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