Here's how Toyota's hydrogen-powered race car sounds like

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Toyota is working on a hydrogen-powered combustion engine, which has zero emissions, but comes with an exhaust note.

Toyota recently announced that they were working on developing a new hydrogen-powered engine. This new engine is said to be a 1,618cc in-line three-cylinder turbocharged unit powered by compressed hydrogen.

This new engine is said to have a faster combustion rate compared to conventional gasoline units, resulting in better responsiveness. Toyota also claims that being powered by hydrogen, the engine is environmentally friendly with zero harmful emissions. However, it does offer an exhaust note similar to that of a conventional gasoline engine.

The new hydrogen-powered combustion engine will be used on the Toyota Corolla hatchback based race car. It will participate in round 3 of the NAPAC Fuji Super TEC 24 Hours Race, to be held between May 21 - 23.

Ahead of the race, the Toyota Corolla Sport has been undergoing testing. This video gives us a chance to hear the exhaust note of the hydrogen-powered engine.

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