Here's why buying a used XC40 D4 variant is better than a new XC40 B4

I would really suggest getting a pre-owned D4 (R-Design if possible) and then moving to electric in 3-4 years.

BHPian evolvo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A pre-owned D4 (R-Design/Inscription) is a great option when compared to a new B4 (Ultimate).

Here’s why:

  1. Price. Rs 30 lakh for a pre-owned D4 vs Rs 54 lakh for a new B4. (Refer: Beauty of lateral upgrades)
  2. Depreciation. With EVs going mainstream in a few years, we can expect an accelerated depreciation for ICE cars in a few years. So a lower investment is better.
  3. Mileage. In mixed driving, a D4 gives you around 13 km/l (vs ~10kmpl on T4/B4). At least 30% cost savings per km. On a couple of occasions, I tried hypermiling (~70km/h) and got 20km/l on 100 km highway runs. Insane efficiency with the D4, if you can manage a light foot.
  4. Features (cornering lights, paddle shifts, storage under seat). Missing in new B4.
  5. Dual Tone Roof. Missing in B4
  6. Alloy Wheels. Great in D4, lame in B4.

The only plus for the B4 seems to be the mild hybrid and google auto, which can be easily skipped for now.

To summarise, I would really suggest getting a pre-owned D4 (R-Design if possible) and then moving to electric in 3-4 years.

If you really have to buy a new XC40, the Recharge at Rs 59 lakh OTR is a much better buy.

Here's what BHPian gismosin had to say on the matter:

Agree with most of what BHPian evolvo says, the only additional thing you need to ask yourself is how long you plan to hold on to the car. if your answer is 8 years and above then, now might be a consideration.

D4 is a great choice with 51k on a 3.5-year-old car, it looks like a good deal. Would recommend getting it checked at a Volvo service centre and looking at the service history if possible. Otherwise, you should be set, expect some relatively higher service bills past the 5-year mark.

I would not worry too much about ICE cars going down in value in a hurry. Yes, electric is the future but not the present yet. Will take a good five years for cars to be mainstream and the charging network to catch up. For now, waiting 2-3 hours on a highway for a car to charge is a deal-breaker for most of us.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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