Here's why I bought an Audi A4 over the A6

The Audi A4 was love at first sight. It had all the things I liked about the A6 minus the drawbacks.

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Hello All,

This is my first post.

Another new owner of Audi A4, from Bangalore. Got a Tech pack Navarra Blue A4 with Okapi Brown interior. Sharing my experience below.

I was in the market for a new car with a budget of Rs 50-60L. I had been driving a Honda City Automatic since 2013 and thought it was time for an upgrade.

I took the BMW X1 for a test drive. It was offered at Rs 50L OTR. I liked the drive experience but the family wanted a sedan. I asked for the 3 Series but the salesperson said it will be available only next month. He also said no discounts on that but there's a 4% increase from next month.

Then I drove the Audi A6. I liked it a lot. It was offered at Rs 61L OTR (Premium Plus). There were a few issues:

  • I take some shortcuts to the office through some narrow lanes and the A6 was a bit difficult to navigate there. It was even difficult to park and take out.
  • I had to be careful over speed bumps. It scratched every time I was not paying attention. This could be due to the length of the car.
  • I didn't like the two screens and the dashboard color.
  • I wanted the Navarra Blue but only White and Grey colors were available.

Then took the Mercedes C-class for a drive. It was offered at Rs 56L OTR. However, it felt a bit outdated. Not having a touch screen bothered me. If the C-class, I decided I should wait for the new model.

The Audi sales person was very helpful. He said he will bring his other cars. He brought the Q2 a couple of times. Then he brought the A4.

The A4 was love at first sight. My kids also loved it. It was not as big as the A6 but still commanded a good presence. Driving it was a sheer pleasure with superb suspension. Bangalore potholes are notorious but the A4 was passing them with ease. No issues over speed bumps. The A4 had all the things I liked about the A6 minus the drawbacks. The interior was also minimalistic as per my liking, unlike the A6.

The A4 PP was offered at Rs 48L OTR and the Tech pack at Rs 52L OTR. This was after a few extra discounts as my wife is a doctor.

To check for value-for-money, I compared it with the US price for a similar model at Edmunds. My thumb rule was not to pay more than a 40% premium. The A4 was available at a 35% premium while the A6 was available at just a 26% premium. (Note: For Mercedes and BMW, the prices were at 60-80% premium)

I thought the A6 was a better deal at Rs 61L. Brought it for a test drive again and drove from office to home and back to the office. It was a bit difficult and needed my constant attention. I want to drive effortlessly. It was a difficult decision but finally decided to go with the A4.

I was particular about the Blue color as that's how I dreamt about my next car. PP was available only in silver and white color. I also liked the digital cockpit which was not available in PP. So decided to go with the A4 tech pack.

The car was delivered within a week, faster than I expected. I got all-weather mats and Audi Connect as free accessories.

I have been driving the car for three weeks now. It's a sheer pleasure. It feels like sailing than driving when I compare it to my Honda City. Happy till now.

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