Hero Electric wants petrol 2-wheeler sales to end by 2027

E-scooter sales account for just 1% of the total sales in India.

Hero Electric has proposed a timeline to end sales of petrol-powered 2-wheelers in India. The company believes that 2027 would be a good time for new sales to be 100% electric.

Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric, stated that if we target 2027, it would help speed up the switch to EVs. He believes that if we leave it to market forces, then the transition would take much longer.

China is the biggest market for electric 2-wheelers and is said to account for 97% of the world's e-scooter fleet. In comparison, e-scooter sales account for just 1% of the total sales in India.

Some of India's biggest 2-wheeler brands already have electric models in their product portfolio. However, more needs to be done if we are to speed up the transition. Munjal believes that once the goals are in place, companies will start planning backwards in terms of the supply chain, re-skilling, infrastructure requirements and financial implications.

Source: ET Auto

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