Highway fuel efficiency test of my 2022 Nexon petrol: Here's the result

The mileage figure was such a surprise that I had to double-check to ensure the SUV's MID wasn't broken.

BHPian NorthernStar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi fellow Nexon owners

I own a Nexon XZ+ Petrol, 2022 make. Although the car is excellent, I was a bit bothered by its low mileage numbers, particularly in the case of city driving. So when I had to leave for Dehradun from Noida, I decided to do a mileage test on highways.

The trip parameters were as follows:

  • Car Model and make - Tata Nexon XZ+ Petrol, June 2022
  • ODO reading before the trip - 5010 Kms
  • Service history of the car - Only 2 free services done till date. No oil changes.
  • Full tank of Petrol (44 Litres, filled till auto-cut at the station).
  • Tire pressure - 30 psi in all 4 tires as recommended by Tata.
  • Trip meter B reset.
  • Road condition - Very good.
  • Traffic - Light
  • Passengers - 2
  • Load - moderate
  • AC - OFF
  • Driving mode - City

Route map:

I started for Dehradun from Noida in the early hours of 14 April (Friday). The traffic was light and I drove consistently between the speed of 65 Km/hr - 80 Km/hr. When I eventually decided to take a small break from driving, I noticed the MID shows the mileage as 26.1 km/l

It was hard to believe, so I checked and double-checked the remaining bars of petrol to make sure that the MID is not broken. It wasn't. It was a pleasant surprise.

On 15 April (Saturday), from Dehradun, I drove to Haridwar and back to Dehradun. The chaotic traffic on Dehra's roads in the evening caused the mileage to drop to 22.3 Km/L.

I drove back to Noida on 17 April (Monday) using the same route as before, the driving conditions were the same and I took another picture of the MID when I reached home in Noida:

Mileage on MID after the entire trip - 24 km/l

Unfortunately, due to a very busy schedule, I couldn't immediately refill the petrol which would've revealed the true tank-to-tank mileage. I had to drive in the city for a week before refilling the tank yesterday and here are the final figures (in a hurry, I forgot to take pictures of MID, apologies):

Total Kms driven: 736.5 km

Total fuel added before auto-cut - 36.59 L

Tank-to-tank mileage - 20.13 km/l

Mileage on MID - 23.1 km/l

It is safe to assume that on the highway I got around 22 km/l of mileage.

Observed that if we want to milk out the best mileage from the Nexon, the following things must be considered:

Correct tire pressure and a clean air filter. The company has a recommended tire pressure value for a reason!

Resist the Sport Mode. It's understandably difficult but in order to get the best mileage, keep the car in City mode. Eco mode is very lackluster when it comes to power so I don't use it very much.

Drive with a very light foot. Nexon is a heavy car and it loses mileage very quickly with sudden acceleration. You have to treat the engine like a baby.

Verdict - It can be done with disciplined light foot driving!!

Would love to hear your opinions on the same. Can this figure be further improved?

I'm planning to do a mileage test in the city to see if I can breach the 12 Km/L mark in the city. Will create a post for that in the future.

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