Honda Amaze audio upgrade options for Rs. 20,000

I wanted to change to touch display and add good component speakers.

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I bought a Honda Amaze S MT last month, 2021 Aug (pre facelifted). I wanted to change to touch display and add good component speakers.

Please suggest best front and back speakers, also is there need for under seat woofer or separate amp or DSP? Budget is approx Rs. 20,000. Also any good upgrades recommended?


Here's what BHPian AJ56 had to say on this matter:

I have a ‘13 Amaze in which I’ve got a Rockford Fosgate custom audio setup, basically 4 components (Punch P165SE up front with integrated crossovers + 2 tweeters), 5 channel amp, dual subwoofer in the boot and a pioneer AVH-X8890BT head unit, it has an inbuilt DSP. I also have my doors, roof, boot lid and parcel tray damped. I believe the speaker size (6.5”) is the same in the 2nd gen Amaze as well. Only issue I’m seeing is your budget is not enough for separate amps + woofers + HU. I’d suggest just stick to the components for now to remain under 20k. Avoid cheaper alternatives as they don’t sound as good as the higher quality ones.

Also given Amazes poor sound insulation and tin can build quality, would highly recommend damping as it has a significant impact on road noise reduction. Also make sure you get the work done from a quality installer in order to prevent damage to your plastic panels, bear in mind you will still lose the factory fit and finish on any panel that’s removed (goes for anything aftermarket), no matter how good the installer is. Also, make sure your audio files are high quality lossless ALAC or WAV and not lossy mp3 as it makes a difference. If forced to use mp3, make sure it’s at least 320kbps. Cheers.

Here's what BHPian Mr.Boss had to say on this matter:

20k will be a very tough target for all of these upgrades. Max you can go for a entry level touch screen audio (like BP New York 750) and a basic component speakers. I suggest you to do it in phases if you have budget constraints.

1) Decent touch screen HU with AA & ACP - See if your stock speakers could perform well with this set-up (20k approx.)

2) Damping all 4 doors - this should give a marginal improvement in audio clarity (10k approx.)

3) Component & Coaxial speakers (15k approx.)

4) 4 Channel amplifier (10-15k approx.)

5) Under seat or a regular sub woofer (If required)

Amplifier will be required to get better output from Component speakers. HU high level out cannot run the component speakers at their peak performance. If you are going for after market (branded) HU with decent pre-out, DSP may not be required (Unless your requirement is audiophile range).

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