Honda Elevate ZX CVT: 500 km ownership update including ADAS & mileage

I am sharing the MID fuel efficiency figures of my city driving with air-conditioning on full blast as well as driving sedately with the AC set at 22.5 degrees on a highway.

BHPian SupMeteorStorme recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

An update from my first 500 kms of ownership of a ZX automatic

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System is a touch too sensitive. I turn it off every time I start the car.
  • Lane Keep Assist and Road Departure Assist are lovely features when cruising on the highway.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control works like a charm when maintaining highway speeds. The only fly in the ointment is its overly aggressive pickup when trying to reach the set cruise speed.
  • Blind spot monitor works really well during the day. At night or during heavy rains, it's best used as a supplemental aid while changing lanes.
  • The huge bonnet hides the view of the road right in front of the driver. This car could use a 360-degree camera system.
  • Android Auto (wireless) works like a charm.
  • Wireless phone charger heats up the phone (Samsung) like a hot potato.
  • AC is good enough for summer. Hyderabad experienced a couple of days of extremely high temperatures and high humidity in the past week. The AC was struggling in such conditions. I probably need to learn how to use automatic climate control better.
  • Headlights (auto-on and auto-high beam) are pretty good. I am just back home after driving in extremely heavy rains today. The LED headlights did their job without any fuss.
  • The sunroof (more a moonroof) was a pleasure to use today on the Outer Ring Road (ORR). I keep it firmly shut during the day. Don't want my balding pate getting any more tanned than it already is!
  • Mileage in the city with AC on full blast is about 9 kmpl (as displayed in the car).
  • Mileage on the ORR when driven sedately at 70-75 kmph with AC on 25 degrees is 22.5 kmpl (as displayed in the car).
  • The CVT is easy to drive and while it may be a little slow to react to inputs, I like it. It's easygoing and fuss-free.

My daily driver for the last 11 years has been a Tata Safari Storme VX 4x4.

The 2 things that I miss in the Elevate when compared to the Tata Safari Storme:

  • Road presence
  • More space to keep stuff in the cabin (especially 2-litre water bottles)

Reason for "upgrading" from my Tata Storme to the Elevate ZX: protect whatever knee cartilage I have left.

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