Honest feedback on using RE's touring screen worth 5K on my Interceptor

Its size is similar to the touring screen of the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 that is available as an official accessory.

BHPian raiuday recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I’ve always been eyeing the recently launched touring screen as part of RE’s GMA catalogue for the Interceptor. There weren’t any reviews nor images of the screen installed, for reference, either from RE or anyone. So, I was initially holding up thinking it would impact the aesthetics of the bike and gave the tall flyscreen a try which is just about fine. But during my first service, I pulled the plug and ordered the touring screen to give it a try and the same arrived in a week. Kudos to RE Company service centre, Hyd who promptly ordered and communicated on arrival of the same.

  • Cost: INR 4750/- for the part. Installation was free of charge.
  • GMA Code: 1990479.


The process was similar to installing a tall flyscreen, requiring the opening of the headlight, disconnecting indicators and sliding the frames in, then popping in the rubber gourmets, washers and screws through the windscreen into the windscreen support frames. Also, the screen in itself is similar in size to that of an SM650’s for reference.

I did notice a noise while riding back home. Stopped to check and noticed that the right side frame of the windscreen was touching the tachometer. Reached home, unscrewed the screen, adjusted the right side frame by pulling it slightly and maintaining similar gaps on either side, screwed it back in.

Wind protection

I’m 5’ 9” for reference and when I sit on the bike, the windscreen doesn’t interrupt the vision and a good 4-5 inches below the field of view. I did go on a night run of about 50 kms and tested the wind protection but was disappointed with the amount of resistance at the front and buffeting on the helmet. The front felt like a swaying shield against wind while accelerating moderately or at constant speeds between 90-120 kmph. Didn’t really feel confident to maintain these speeds continuously due to the above factors. Tall flyscreen though wasn’t providing much protection against wind wasn’t causing buffeting or resisting wind but deflecting the same and was easier on the helmet.

I think the upright position of the touring screen with an outward curve at the top, and no adjustment option to incline towards the rider causes a wind swirl at the tip of the screen causing resistance and buffeting. Similar screen could work on SM650 due to the lower seating and inclination towards the rider on the same but not a good design for Int 650 in my opinion.

I’d still give it a try sometime later with any of the adjustable windscreen extenders possibly tilting the same towards the rider and share an update.

Sharing pictures of the bike for reference and for anyone interested to know how it looks on the Inty.

Please note that all the images were taken on the centre stand and the screen might appear as if it’s too tall but it isn’t. Once the rider sits on and with the compressed front, it does not come in the line of sight.

Can compare the touring screen height with the tall flyscreen for reference below.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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