Horrible experience with 3M PPF on my Hyundai i20 Elite

Due to the strong adhesive, the paint also came out along with PPF at some places.

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Hi All,

I had a horrible experience with 3M PPF which I had got done 5 years ago in 3M Thane. Over the period of time, PPF had become brittle and got converted from glossy to matte as you can see.

Decided to get it removed which was a nightmare. PPF had a strong adhesive and because it became brittle it was coming out in pieces. Below are some pictures for reference.

Due to the strong adhesive, the paint also came out along with PPF at some places, especially plastic panels.

I have learnt a lesson and I'm never going to opt for PPF for any of my cars in future. Maybe ceramic coating is a better bet than PPF after having such a horrible experience.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

I keep my cars for long (typically 10 years), so thank you for this thread. Was always worried about how PPF would age over a decade. We did ponder over PPF, but eventually decided against it.

What works for me is good parking + car cover + detailing twice a year + other simple best practices listed in this article.

Turning 9 this year:

Almost 10 years since the last paint job:

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Wow, this is quite horrible. This is one reason I have stayed away from PPF. It just bewilders me how a thin sheet of plastic with glue can stay on a car for 5-10 years (the warranty period these companies boast of), endure our Indian harsh conditions and 'not' take out paint when you try to peel them off after a prolonged period such as this one. They say only cheap PPF has this problem. Your case proves them all wrong. I think all PPFs may have this problem after 5-6 years. Better to stay away.

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This is exactly my biggest fear which I shared in my previous post.

I was just trying to guess the reason for such horrible condition, it could be one of the following:

  • Was this PPF a Fake 3M sold to you. If it was a genuine one with a warranty card etc then this should have never happened. Can you please take it up with 3M
  • Was it due to the wrong installation method?
  • Was your car exposed to any extreme climate or some unhealthy environment of some chemical factory in the vicinity?
  • Is the life of PPF only 1-2 years and beyond which is not safe for your paint?

A brand like 3M cant be selling such sub-standard products which will spoil the car's paint. This issue should be examined for their own benefit.

Can you share which 3M PPF variant was sold to you and at what price?

Have you tried visiting the store where it was installed? Would like to know his comments.

I hope this is a result of some sub-standard counterfeit products. Else everyone who has installed PPF to protect their lovely looking cars will be found after 5 years.

Here's what BHPian DRIV3R had to say on the matter:

This cannot be a genuine 3M PPF from what I can tell.

A friend has the same variant of basic PPF costing 550 per sq. Ft. on his 10-year-old Punto and it still has the same properties. Has not faded but has picked up a few swirls here and there. The PPF is also 9-10 years old.

Though the store might be authorised, there could be some level of autonomy the franchise would have to do such stuff, so cannot rule that possibility entirely.

I have had STEK PPF on my car for the past 4 years and it is good so far.

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After all, it's a stretchable plastic/polymer with glue. It's bound to harden after years of constant exposure to the sun's UV.

I don't trust this PPF bogey. Simply not believable to me that some "superior plastic" can cost a whopping ₹550/sqft. At that rate, one can get their car repainted thrice over!

P.S: I don't trust online influencers at all in this matter, too many of them are either directly or indirectly benefited to praise it.

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