How an elderly man's random act of kindness ensured everyones safety

He thought I would drive away in an 'Igloo Car', putting us and everyone around at a high risk of an accident.

BHPian 14000rpm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We are currently having a Snowstorm in Helsinki for the last 2 days. Life, however, doesn't stop and everybody gets on with life as usual so did my wife and I and we went to the gym in the morning. When we returned to the parking after 90 mins, we saw a pile of snow on our car. It was garage parked the previous night which meant it had no snow on it when we went there. An 80 yr old man was to get into his Mercedes E Class parked next to ours and was clearing the snow on his car.

Meanwhile, I got a bit lazy and I tried to run the wipers till they cleaned the windscreen. Seeing this, the old man thought I did not have a snow-clearing brush and pleasantly surprised us by starting to proactively clear off the snow from our car. before I could even react and get out of the car, the man had cleared off my side windows. I got out, thanked him and quickly pulled out my snow-clearing brush and started cleaning my car while embarrassingly admitting my laziness. In the meantime, I asked him why he did what he did.

Apparently, he thought I would drive away in an 'Igloo Car' - A car with only a small viewing port cleared on the windscreen.

He shared his concern that Finland has far too many Igloo cars on the road during the winter which is highly unsafe (It impedes visibility, and poses a danger to cars and 2-wheelers following your vehicle if chunks of snow fly off your car when*it's*in*motion). This man is an example of the kindheartedness of Finnish people. Won't forget. he paid it forward, now I have to.

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