How I created tall parking spots to protect my cars from flood damage

We live right on the beach where flooding has been a perennial issue during the monsoons, sometimes twice a year. Car damage is inevitable.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The good part about this location:

And the not-so-good. The problem is easy to explain. We live right on the beach where flooding has been a perennial issue during the monsoons, sometimes twice a year. Unpredictably, in 2021, we experienced flooding in the middle of May!

The beater car of the house has gotten flood-damaged twice, and frankly, never been the same again:

The other side. Jeep (under the yellow cover) enjoys a water bath like this though:

How the lane looks:

Been a ritual to move the German cars out of the lane if it starts flooding even a little bit. But it was highly inconvenient. And because of the unpredictable nature, extremely risky (e.g. what if we were not at home or travelling when the flood gods arrive):

Clearly, an out-of-the-box solution was required, so I did what I always do when stuck in a situation. I created a Team-BHP thread.

And solved! I built 3 parking spots that are a few feet off the ground level of the building, and significantly higher than the ground level of the road outside. Odds of flood-damage here are effectively zero! Big shout out to my bros Nimesh & Samar for helping me out with the design, ideas & more:

Another look. I take the car face in and she climbs in like a champ. Don't miss the covered 15A plug points all around the building. I got 8 of them installed and am ready for EVs:

The approach at the front though, is a bit too steep for low-slung Germans. I need to correct it if & when required. For now, the Sunny, Jeep and all test-drive cars (including the Brezza) easily climb up from the front, so I am not in a hurry. Keep this in mind when designing yours:

Another angle. These ramps were also needed for all the media cars that come in for our test-drives. Many of those cars have basic 3rd-party insurance, are not my property and hence, flood protection is mandatory for them:

The Superb's lifted parking spot is very smooth as we had more space to play around with here. The car has never touched (even with a full load of passengers), whether you reverse into the spot or take her face in:

A closer look. I hope this thread helps you, as I know many people live in flood-prone areas and are looking for ideas. Cost of each ramp was approximately 1 lakh with all the material, strengthening, labour etc. A steal IMHO, especially when you consider the havoc wreaked by floods on the car. Better than claiming a total loss or spending millions of bucks on a replacement:

From the rear. Floor mat because it leads into an office:

Very smooth approach. Even an S-Class will climb here with ease:

For added measure, I raised the overall level of my building flooring by a few inches. Every additional inch of protection counts when we're looking at protection from floods:

I can have 3 more "raised" parking spots if & when required. 2 on this side, and one ahead of where the Superb is parked. Have no need right now, so didn't build, but have kept the option open. Another option is to install a Wohr stack-parking system on this side. Flood protection + an additional parking spot:

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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