How I saved Rs 4,500 on a set of wipers for my Skoda Superb

The alternate non-OEM pair fit like a glove and clicked into place easily.

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Passenger Side Wiper Change - 22-03-2024

The Driver Side Wiper was last changed on 04-08-2023 and was working perfectly fine but the Passenger Side Wiper was last changed on 04-06-2015 and was nearly 9 years and still working but though a little long in the tooth... lolz. So it was time to get the Passenger side one replaced. Now it comes as a set from Skoda and they were asking around 5000 bucks for a set, whereas I had just changed my Baleno wipers to Hella ones for just 300 bucks and they were working perfectly!! So why the propensity to ask 5k for these??

Searched in the local market, not immediately available in Meerut a spare parts dealer assured to procure for around 900 bucks for the pair. Searched online and I hit one which was just for 489 bucks for a pair!! with a nearly 4-star rating and with Amazon, I could always return/replace it if it was not worthwhile. So I bit the bullet and ordered and received these ones from Valeo from the seller, which I have heard good things about:

They were the exact size needed for Superb 2012 MK2 - 24" and 18"

Now there was a difference in the attaching latch, as is visible in the photo, and I was disappointed at first glance. But when I fitted it to the car, it fit like a glove and clicked and locked into place. Relieved!!

The quality is 'superb' and both my wipers are now giving a crystal clear wipe of the windshield without any streaks.

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