How MG spoilt the joy of buying a new car: Horrible delivery experience

I even cancelled my Innova Hycross booking based on their dealer's assurance.

BHPian SoundManiac recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Was deciding which car to take and one of the reasons I opted for Hector was the Sales executive's assurance that delivery of Smart Pro, Dune Brown will be given latest by Feb 20th.

He told me the vehicle is already on the way and there is no way I will not get it by Feb 20th. So, I booked one on Feb 6th. Since then even after repeated follow-ups, he says he can't give it before the 2nd week of March.

  • On being asked why, he gave me a false assurance on Feb 20th, and he starts giving stories of change in BS6 norms.
  • When asked if any new norm has been announced after my booking, he goes into stories of MG not sending cars to dealers!!
  • Adds that, even if they get delivery from MG, they cannot give delivery to customers cause of BS6 norms!!

What a letdown. And what dishonesty from these guys? But even worse is the response from Customer Care of MG company!! Thought, that I should highlight this to the company and check if they can give some clarity but alas they were even more shocking.

An executive called to say that the standard waiting period is 2-3 months and so, I shouldn't be complaining.

To add salt to injury, she asks me to speak to the dealership (Hyderabad) about my delivery concern.

Wonder if this is a one-off case or if that's how pathetic MG's systems are.

Got my Hycross booking also cancelled based on the dealer's assurance; now wondering what to do.

Never had such an experience with any of the many cars I bought. Delivery delays on new models are normal but never has there been this kind of a delay on a car that has already been "billed and on way to the dealership!"

You've spoilt all the joy of buying a car MG...

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