How to safely buy a car during the coronavirus pandemic

It's a good time to be buying a new car! The market is dead - be sure to bargain hard for discounts. For your & your family's safety, do the following:

  • Complete all processes online or remotely. There is no need to visit the dealership, they will come to you. All documentation can be done at your place.
  • Most discussions & conversations can take place via phone or Zoom video.
  • Don't let dealership personnel into your house. Wear your mask + eye wear and meet them in your compound area, keeping a safe distance.
  • Payments etc. can be facilitated online.
  • Many dealerships are giving home delivery of new cars.
  • Sanitize the ENTIRE new car once you receive it. Keep aside 4 - 5 hours for this. Arm yourself with the right materials and start wiping away on all interior surfaces. Will be a good workout too. Related thread on corona-proofing your car.
  • Let the dealership handle all RTO processes.
  • Ask car dealership to do the whole registration process with your involvement only for say a few minutes (signature/pic etc).


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