How service advisors at dealerships cheat you

Anyone who visits Team-BHP is well aware of the upselling tactics of service advisors. But now, we can actually see how they receive commissions for the same. That radiator flush on your 1-year old car you don't need? Your service advisor won't hesitate to cheat you of 422 bucks to earn Rs. 50 for himself. "Glass polish treatment" that you don't need for 1300 rupees? That's another 50 bucks in his pocket.

The image reveals the maximum retail price (MRP) of each job and the corresponding incentive that the service advisor earns.

The service advisor earns an incentive of Rs. 50 for jobs like injector cleaning, radiator and engine flush, D carbon and AC disinfection. On the other end of the price spectrum are jobs like anti-rust, Teflon and engine and silencer coating which cost between Rs. 4,628 to Rs. 7,048. The incentives for these jobs range from Rs. 400-500. For tasks like polymer coating, leather interior cleaning and silencer coating, the service advisor earns Rs. 200, Rs. 125 and Rs. 100 respectively.

Thanks to a Team-BHP Fan (who prefers to stay anonymous) for sending this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page!

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