How Tata Motors helped me in getting early delivery of my Nexon EV

I wrote to Tata Motors and explained the situation to them. I also requested an "out of turn allotment".

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Hello everyone,

2 weeks ago, we took the delivery of our Nexon EV XZ+ at Chandigarh for my parents who would primarily be restricting their use case to city drives only. Till now they have had to charge it only once. The second recharge will be due soon. I would like to share some of my experiences:

We booked the car on 31st March 22 hoping we might get it in 6 to 8 weeks. I used to regularly (once a week) call up the dealer to check the status. Over a period of time, I realised that there is no way of tracking my delivery/order and whether the dealer is getting my variant or not. There were times he would say "higher variant has come" trying to lure me into getting a higher variant.

Since my parents had a 10 yr old Swift ZDI, I thought it would be prudent to sell this asset before it becomes a liability, though Chandigarh does not have a 10 year ban on diesel cars like NCR. That was sold successfully and now they were using a borrowed car from a relative.

Things were getting more difficult because I live in a different city and visiting the dealer to get the actual situation was not possible.

Then an idea struck me. I wrote to Tata Motors and explained the situation to them. I also requested an "out of turn allotment". I was surprised to get a return mail from them the next morning saying that they are considering the case. Within 10 days of their mail (considering production halt due to Eid and the long weekend,) they billed the vehicle from their plant in my father's name and delivered it to Chandigarh in 7 days.

For this, I am grateful to Tata Motors. Now I know why they are where they are.

Now came the part of getting the home charger installed. Apparently, the box comes with the car. So the contractor cannot install the box till your car arrives at the dealer. Also, as per policy, they only install once the car has been delivered to test if the charging is happening successfully or not. Since I had taken leave to go to Chandigarh and help my parents take the delivery of the car, I had limited time with me and could not wait for another day. So I requested the contractor and he was kind enough to install it for me one day in advance. Here I would like to bring one aspect to light. The charging setup comes with a 15-meter cable 2.5 sq mm armoured cable. Additional cable will cost Rs. 250/- per meter plus GST. In my case 25 mtrs cable was required. So I would have to pay them 3k for the cable. The contractor gave a wise suggestion. He said, that since the garage is covered, the armoured cable is not required. I can buy my own cable and they install it for me. In the overall installation report, they will not include the cable. I bought Havells 2.5 sq mm 3 core cable. 25 mtrs cost me about Rs. 2600/-. In addition to this, I bought a digital meter from Amicisense from Amazon to keep a track of how many units the car consumed for charging.

He installed the box a day prior to the car's delivery which was nice.

Finally, we took the delivery and things have been working fine ever since.

We have been lucky that things worked in our favour and God was kind.

A word about Nexon EV Max. I know there are most of you who would be wiser than me, but I think that if you actually need to drive 350 km without range anxiety, the Max makes sense. Otherwise, it is an overkill because a 2.5 sq mm cable will not charge it. Plus, it will also take a longer time to top up the battery.

Hope this post helps you all.



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