How Tata stripped down my Harrier's interior to solve a starting issue

The immobiliser issues have not been observed so far and both keyfobs are working fine.

BHPian maddyg had faced the following issue with his Tata Harrier:

Dear All,

Writing this to seek possible approaches to the problem. I have a 2021 black edition XT+. Ran flawlessly for 13+ months and now has 23500 km on Odo. Currently I'm away from from home (Bangalore) and at Goa for work. Car is refusing to start - starter cranks for 10 seconds or so and then stops - a message 'Engine Locked' is displayed. The immobiliser lock symbol keeps on flashing (once cranking is finished, check engine and malfunction lamp is also glowing). I can unlock using remote, using the request button, all other electrical working fine. This is happening from yesterday night, no unusual observations, the usage was typical.

Tata service in Goa suggested keeping the key fob near push start button, this worked once and then car started normal second time (with key fob in pocket). Didn't dare to take it out being a Sunday(the service centre do not function), but this method also ceased to work now. Key fob near push button also does not makes a difference.

Service centre adviced to tow which I wish is a last resort, wondering if there is any means to start the car so that i can take it to the ASS.

Literally stranded due to this problem. Would changing the key fob battery help ? KHT Bangalore suggested disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes. Haven't tried this yet.

The attached image is after pushing the start/stop once(cranked for 6 seconds approx).

BHPian maddyg shared the following update on the issue:

Got the car back from the SP ASS yesterday noon. The Immobiliser issues have not been observed so far and both keyfobs are working fine. I'm yet to get a report on work carried out by SP cars, expecting this over email. Currently I have only the invoice copy. Yesterday evening, Tata CCM for Goa/Mumbai - Anthony Ryan visited me and I have formally requested for the root cause and an extension to the warranty. Will keep this thread updated, hopefully the loose pin is the only fault here.

Just prior to this incident, I have been to a few middle of nowhere places and can't imagine if the issue has cropped up during then. In one such place - Destiny farms, Coonoor - the nearest road where a tow truck/flatbed can come was 2kms away.

Glad to see a very professional and cordial approach from SP cars, Verna. Their Service Manager - Sidhish Binagekar, PR - Vishwanath Pattan and the Senior Technician - Preetam Parab require a special mention for right from keeping me in company during(well after working hours) the long wait for flatbed to periodic updates and a resolution as fast as they can.

Thanks to the members and forum for the valuable inputs as well as acting as a positive influence in the whole episode. Happy to be a part of it!

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