Hyundai Creta 1.6 diesel MT: Annual service & other updates

I then started my hunt for a new unit, and almost all shops were pushing for the non branded Android units.

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Annual service update:

Got the periodic service done in April and it was a routine one. Decided to clean the air vents this time and it was a good move. They removed all the air vents and cleaned it thoroughly. Once it was cleaned, it's got a refreshing smell and the vents looked good as new. The clutch has been tight for sometime and they advised to use it for some more time (I got used to it's hard clutch by now). The total bill came around 10k including wheel alignment.

My AVN display was pixelated for an year now, then the reverse camera was full time on. I had disconnected the display, but somehow this was connected with the boot so couldn't open it. Reconnected it and then the display sort of died eventually. Bluetooth, radio and USB were working though.

I then started my hunt for a new unit. Visited a shop here and checked the options. Almost all were pushing for the non branded Android units and was surprised that they didn't show interest when I inquired on Sony/Pioneer units. The average price was between 13k-15k with free fitment. I did see a Polo with the Pioneer unit and it definitely looked small. I wasn't really keen on the Android unit as well for the following reasons:

  • Sort of unknown territory - Long term performance.
  • Display was dull (I even saw many videos on Youtube).
  • Stock camera won't work. Although the unit came with a free camera, I didn't like the idea of drilling the camera on to the bumper.
  • Fitment - It sorted of looked as if a tab was stuck on the dash. It spoiled the clean look that the OE unit provided. This was my main concern.

Then came across shop based in Delhi that repaired all AVN's. Checked out their YouTube channel and was surprised to see that 99% of the units were Hyundai. Contacted him sometime in November and confirmed that they can repair the unit. Decided to wait for few months and check other options. Since I decided to stay away from Android units and wanted that OE look, I decided to go with the Delhi based shop. Removed the AVN, packed and mailed it to Delhi.

Drove the car like this for around two weeks:

They repaired it in 2 days and mailed back the unit.

IC and display changed - Rs. 5250 including courier. Got it fixed at HASS but charged around 900 for fitment. Anyhow, didn't want to try any accessory shop for this:

It was time to change the wiper and decided to try Spark Minda this time. Got the set from Boodmo:

Well, some new garage mates joined last December (Obviously not mine, but am driving these):

Had a small trip with the Innova few months back:

Parting shot - Diesel Manual, Petrol AT, Diesel AT:

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