Hyundai to discontinue V8s; will replace them with turbo-V6

The next-gen Genesis G90 will come with a turbo-V6, replacing the 5.0-litre V8 by the year-end.

Hyundai is the latest carmaker to discontinue its V8 engine. According to a media report, the brand's 5.0-litre V8 will be replaced with a smaller turbocharged V6 engine.

Reports suggest that the current-generation Genesis G90 will be the last model in the Hyundai Motor Group (consisting of Hyundai, Kia & Genesis) to feature the V8 engine. The flagship sedan's next-gen iteration, which is expected to be unveiled by end-2021 will debut the smaller turbo-V6 unit.

The current iteration of the V8 engine, powering the Genesis G90, was introduced in 2015. The engine comes in the form of a 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8, producing 420 BHP and 520 Nm; making it the most powerful combustion engine in Hyundai's lineup.

This engine will soon be replaced by the brand's newly developed SmartStream 3.5 FR T-GDI engine. The new unit is said to feature dual-injection, central GDI-injection and a water-cooled intercooler. The new turbo-V6 is also said to be capable of producing 374 BHP and 530 Nm.

Alongside the new downsized engine, the next-gen Genesis G90 sedan is also expected to get a fully electric powertrain as well. Reports suggest that Genesis has already trademarked the 'eG90' name for the electric model.

The company has also unveiled a new rear-wheel-drive platform for the G90. This new platform will debut on the next-gen G90 and is said to be capable of supporting both the IC-engine and electrified powertrain options.

The discontinuation of the V8 by Hyundai is in line with the global trend of downsizing engines due to environmental factors. Toyota recently unveiled its new-gen Land Cruiser with a turbo-V6, replacing the V8 from its predecessors.

Source: AutoDahm

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