Hyundai discontinues S variant of Creta petrol

Thank you to Pankaj Aggarwal for sending this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts.

Hyundai appears to have discontinued the S variant of the Creta petrol. The variant has been removed from the official website of the company. The move comes after the company introduced the E+ variant of the car in August this year.

The Creta petrol is now available in E, E+, SX+, SX+ Special Edition, SX+ Automatic variants. The price difference between the E+ and SX+ variants is Rs. 1.91 lakh (ex-Delhi).

The Creta was launched in India in July 2015. It has been a successful car for Hyundai and a very strong performer in the compact SUV segment. Due to the high demand for the car,

Hyundai had increased its monthly production in February 2016 and then again in July. Now, the company is again planning to increase the production of the car by 25%.

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