Hyundai i20 manual owner test drives the Verna Turbo DCT

Coming from a manual, there are a couple of things that I need to get used to but I'm still planning to book the SX DCT variant next month.

BHPian TonyJames recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally got to test drive the Verna Turbo DCT after a delay from Hyundai

  • Driving position and comfort was very much similar to my i20 including the car width, so immediately felt at home.
  • Engine was superb and transmission was smooth.
  • Didn't feel any issue with the turning radius or ground clearance which I was worried about earlier.
  • Brake bite was heavy to my liking which I think I need to get used to.
  • Also while trying to climb out of my underground parking garage, there were quite a lot of while spin.
  • Those are a couple of things I need to get used to moving from a manual to an automatic.
  • Interior looked so upmarket in reality compared to what I saw in the images.
  • AC was so chill (but I'm in Bengaluru, so this is never an issue).
  • Front parking sensor is a decent addition as it felt helpful parking in my tight apartment parking garage.

For the SX DCT variant, they are giving a 50K discount along with an exchange bonus if I go with them.

Planning to book this next month. Hopefully, all things go well.

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