Hyundai i20 N Line's 1st service visit: Disappointing & Poor experience

Imagine disappointing your customer when you had to do NOTHING, just check and return the car.

BHPian chaksjr recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I gave my i20 NLine for its 1st service (1500kms / general check up) to Himgiri Hyundai, located at Hero Honda Chowk (sector 34), Gurugram.

I had purchased my car from Himgiri in Sector 53 and hence decided to stick with them, at least for the 1st service.

I had requested for a pick & drop of the car from my office, located in Udyog Vihar.

While I was almost expecting to have an underwhelming experience (due to reading numerous accounts on car dealerships & service centers on this forum), I did not expect that a general check up (wherein the SC actually has to do NOTHING) would be a disappointing experience.

I will use bullet points to list down what all happened -

  1. Driver disconnected the dashcam immediately after exiting my office post picking up the car. While the front only had its power cable removed, he went ahead and completely removed my rear camera from its mounting and left it hanging over my parcel tray.
  2. I had requested the CRM, the service advisor (SA) and the driver about checking and correcting the wheel alignment, as I had a feeling that it was slightly off. What they actually did was ruin it further, and now my steering is DEFINITELY off-center while trying to keep the car in a straight line. If you're not competent enough, better to just leave it alone, rather than ruin something further.
  3. This "check-up" had to include a free wash & vacuum, as was informed to me by the SA. When the car came back, I noticed that the bottom 20% of the door hadn't been cleaned at all, on either sides. The bodywork was full of swirl and wipe marks (indicative of a dirty rag used to "clean" the car). The bottom skirting wasn't touched, or so it looked like.
  4. When I started the car in the evening to head home, noticed the drive info showed "02:30hrs" of engine run time. My morning commute is 35 mins, the drive to and from the service center is a max of 45mins in total. This basically meant that my car was kept on at the service center for more than an hour, for god knows what reason. (I cannot know since dashcam was disconnected, remember?). Average FE had dropped from 14.xx when I gave it in the morning to 10.xx when I got the car back (I assume car was kept on and the service center guys were enjoying the AC while seated inside). DTE had reduced by way more than it should have.

Imagine disappointing your customer when you had to do NOTHING, just check and return the car.

While I haven't written and informed the service center of this (I plan to tomorrow), there obviously is going to be no resolution. The max I expect is that they would want me to send the car again for an alignment and better cleaning (how will you correct it now when you couldn't the first time?).

Let me sum up my first new car service experience.

I spent petrol to send my car to a service center, have its dashcam mount ruined, have my wheel alignment made worse, have employees enjoy the comfort of the AC in the car and then have it sent back to me, about as dirty as it was when I handed it over.

Needless to say, my car isn't going back to this particular service center.

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