Hyundai owner's manual hints toward i10 diesel AT

With so many conflicting media reports, whether the i10 diesel AT will ever see the light of day is anybody's guess. Plus, there hasn't been a single test mule spotted. Period. 

Now, there's another update. Thanks to Mridul Sharma for sharing this information. 

The owner's manual of the Grand i10 makes a specific reference to the diesel Automatic. It's found under the heading "starting the diesel engine" and points out the AT gear position to choose when starting.  

Considering Hyundai isn't known to make mistakes in printed material, this might just be a dead giveaway. Plus, all the other data on this page is relevant to a turbo-diesel engine. There isn't a doubt that the rumoured i10 diesel AT will create an all-new segment. Currently, the cheapest diesel AT hatchbacks one can buy in India are the Mercedes A-Class & BMW 1-Series. 

Link to our earlier news report on the i10 Diesel AT


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