Hyundai patents eye scanner tech to replace car keys

The Korean carmaker could introduce the tech in some of Hyundai & Kia's models in the future.

Hyundai is reported to have patented a new technology that could replace traditional car keys. The new tech, called the "Iris identification system", will scan the eyes of a person to verify his identity.

The iris scanner will come paired with an infrared camera to identify the driver in case he is wearing glasses or there is any other obstruction on his face. Further, the system will be able to either adjust the lighting or ask the driver to remove the obstruction in order to get the required iris scan. The eye scanner could be positioned on the dashboard and will even be able to move the steering wheel automatically to get a clear scan.

Once the eye scanner verifies the driver, he will be allowed to unlock, enter & drive the car. The system will also be able to adjust the seat and steering wheel position as per the driver's preference.

The eye scanner tech is believed to be a fool-proof method as the human iris is unique and rarely matches another one. Also, the image can be easily stored and used for future use.

Hyundai already offers fingerprint tech on its Genesis brand. The luxury models can be unlocked via the owner's smartphone while the fingerprint tech is used to switch on the engines. If brought into the market, the iris identification system could be a natural extension of this existing tech. The Korean carmaker could also introduce the tech in some of Hyundai & Kia's models in the future.

Source: TheDrive

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