Hyundai Venue N Line fuel efficiency in the hills

Driving the car using paddle shifters could get you better mileage in such conditions.

BHPian KPS recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Did a trip to my home town in Kodagu/Coorg.

At my ancestral home, Suntikoppa, Kodagu.

The car peeps through the garage

This structure houses the granary on top

In my experience, the road handling, suspension and braking were excellent. Really enjoyed the car.

Mileage was a mixed bag. The small engine is very sensitive to driving style and terrain. For example, from Suntikoppa to Madikeri, which is mostly uphill, I got a mileage of 11 kmpl. On the way back, which is largely downhill, got close to 15 kmpl! I also found that in the hilly terrain, using the paddle shifts to change gears could get better mileage.

  • Highway - 13-15 kmpl
  • Hard driving - 10-11 kmpl
  • Best Mileage - 16 kmpl

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