If you'd have to buy a Thar, in which configuration would you have it?

Even though there are certain limitations on the configurations, there are sufficient combinations to suit the majority of buyers.

BHPian Aditya recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Mahindra Thar is one of the most sought-after lifestyle vehicles on our roads today. It comes in a number of variants that suit various customers' requirements.

You can have a hardtop or a convertible, petrol or diesel, 4x4 or 4x2, AT or MT, and finally AX OPT or LX trim levels. As of now, there are certain limitations on the configurations though - the 4x2 variants come only with a hardtop, certain fuel & top types are not available in the lower AX OPT trim level, the 4x2 diesel comes with a smaller 1.5L engine with an MT, while the 4x2 petrol comes only with an AT and so on. Even so, the number of configurations available with the Thar is sufficient to suit the majority of buyers.

So, which variant, drivetrain and top would you choose?

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

Put my money where my mouth is. Voted for the top-end variant (always), turbo-petrol (not always) and convertible (always).

Why Petrol? I honestly feel that the diesel Thar is an awesome choice and it'll be superior offroad too (crawling speed, longer tank range). But I went for the turbo-petrol simply because my running is too low @ 300 - 400 km / month. My Thar is purely a weekend / night-time toy and I didn't want the DPF / BS6 exhaust headaches associated with short commutes & low running. Bought the turbo-petrol and am thoroughly loving its fast performance (surprisingly fast!) and excellent refinement.

Convertible because Mahindra's execution is perfect. Soft-top is back on or off in ~10 minutes. Open-top motoring is too much fun when the weather is permitting, and with the family. It also looks the most badass IMHO.

While I would always go for the 2.2L diesel over the 1.5L, I must admit that the 1.5L is a compelling choice. It's very competent <100 kmph, cheap to buy and offers excellent FE. For those who won't 4x4 and don't want the AT, the 1.5L is spot on. Be careful though, I see many BHPians crossshopping it with the crossovers. The Thar comes with many compromises (2 doors, poor ride, poor handling).

Here's what BHPian manver786 had to say about the matter:

I recently took delivery of 4x4 Petrol AT CT and am enjoying the ride. This is my secondary vehicle and is used only on weekends or on holidays doing short rounds within the city. Petrol was bought only due to the Supreme Court imposed restrictions on diesel vehicles in NCR else would have bought diesel. 4x2 was not considered though it was available.

Here's what BHPian Mr.U had to say about the matter:

For me, it's the Diesel 4x4 AT convertible top and I have one sitting on my porch.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say about the matter:

4x4 diesel hard top, top model.

Best bought pre-loved, plenty of low running examples to be had from people who bought on impulse and later realised this was not their cup of tea. Spend an additional 1.5 L on suspensions, seats, interior trims and a remap, and it’s good to go.

Here's what BHPian shankar.balan had to say about the matter:

Money placed firmly where my mouth is. Bought the 4x4 Hardtop Petrol AT LX in Feb 2021.

I have so far averaged about 10,000 km a year in it. This may vary depending on how busy I get at work and the consequent travel that is bound to happen hereon.

And yes while it partakes rather heavily of the Petrol Juice, the joy of its performance and responsiveness from that 2 litre Turbo engine is hard to replace with anything else.

The functional modifications and upgrades that I've done to my Thar make for a perfect go-anywhere, at any-time, grand tourer. Well dang it, pardners, I even got me a good ole hat-rack in the back there along with ‘em tumble foldable seats! Jokes apart, the functional and cosmetic touches I made are just as per my personal preferences.

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