IIHS: 50% of drivers 'wouldn't mind' speed limiting tech in cars

The results showed a clear preference for advisory warnings.

According to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), around 50% of American drivers agreed they wouldn't mind having speed-limiting technology in their vehicles. The study further mentioned that more than 60% of drivers are in favour of audible & visual speed warnings.

The survey split the participants into three groups and asked about three different types of speed-limiters: advisory warning, making the accelerator pedal harder to push or a restriction in acceleration over the speed limit. The results showed a clear preference for advisory warnings rather than the other two aggressive interventions. Also, 80% of the respondents agreed to a 10 mph tolerance.

David Harkey, President of IIHS, stated, "These findings are exciting because they suggest American drivers are willing to change how they drive to make our roads safer." He further added, "The next challenge is to encourage automakers and drivers to embrace it so we can begin saving lives."

Recently, the state of California passed a bill requiring 50% of all new vehicles to come with passive speed limiters by 2029. These include visual and auditory warnings when a car drives 10 mph over the speed limit.

Source: Road&Track

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