Importing a Honda CG125 from Pakistan to India: Is it worth the trouble

Will the motorcycle meet the Indian emission norms & will an RTO register it?

BHPian MotoDrive recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was casually browsing about the Kawasaki W175 on my laptop and somehow I landed on the Honda two-wheelers, Pakistan webpage and found this Honda CG-125. It's pure old-school design.

Can it be imported to India? Is it Genuine Honda or just a joint venture model which Honda has no more control over? Is it reliable to run? Will it meet Indian emission norms? Will our RTO register this? This is just out of curiosity.

Also on the design front, why it has not caught up with the Indian market?

Here's what BHPian aargee had to say about the matter:

One simple sentence - Not worth the trouble. It will be much easier to:

  • Buy a Shine
  • Modify the body to your taste
  • And get RTO to endorse in RC

Rather than getting one imported, especially from, Pakistan.

It's prevalent that the Indian market is about 20-30 years behind in the automotive technology/industry & that's why we still have big bikes from Triumph & Kawasaki in CBU rather than having a factory & Yamaha taking pride in their 150cc engine from 2009.

So, if Pakistan has a beautiful retro-looking Honda from the 1980s… God knows how long it takes for them to rev up!

PS - You could perhaps easily afford a CB350 instead for that cost.

Here's what BHPian pkulkarni.2106 had to say about the matter:

With the money you'll spend on importing, you could buy a used CD100 from the yesteryears, restore it to its full glory and still have some amount to spare. And I think the CD100 will still look better than the ones posted above.

Here's what BHPian v12 had to say about the matter:

Definitely worth spending the time and effort in importing one. For sure, imports from Pakistan would be banned. Also, I don't think Pakistan's emission norms are as stringent as ours. Best as everyone suggested - get a normal 100cc and modify it.

While I was searching for parts for my Ind Suzuki AX100 - I came across Suzuki's Argentina website and you won't believe it - they still sell the 2-Stroke Suzuki Max 100. The bike is very identical to the Indian one - with a few changes. Tank, headlights, panels are all identical to the Ind Suzuki AX / TVS Max. I wonder why Suzuki cannot source and sell these body parts in India. How hard can it be?

Here's what BHPian sandeepmdas had to say about the matter:

Maybe you can find someone in Dubai who can import the bike from the Philippines, MENA or even Pakistan to Dubai and re-export it to India.

Many dealers there do international business though these are all 4-wheelers and above. Just a couple of months back someone in Dubai imported 50 or so showroom-fresh VW cars from China and sold them in Dubai, prompting the administration to alert people to buy new cars from authorized dealers only.

That said, I don't know how you can homologate or register the bike in India. Pakistan would be the last place I would choose to import a 2-wheeler from.

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