Impressed by the 2023 Hyundai Verna after driving it on a highway

The ADAS was tested thoroughly. It is seamless and keeps you well-protected.

BHPian getsurya recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


That was my expression and feeling when I took Zeus (my wife's new Verna) onto the highway test run over the weekend.

Wow delights:

  • The car handles extremely well and feels planted, the engine sound is barely audible
  • Bose audio kit is well-calibrated for an OEM supply
  • Suspension set up with its tuning is in the sweet spot
  • ADAS was tested thoroughly and is seamless and keeps you well-protected
  • Road undulations were well handled and no unwanted 'butterflies in the stomach' were felt
  • Steering in sports mode weighed right and is almost precise and pointed
  • The car is loaded with power and zips with a slight tap on the accelerator

I definitely am convinced that I can take this for my highway jaunts which wasn't what I thought when I purchased Zeus.

Fun fact observed:

A Mercedes and an Audi owner couldn't take some futuristic looking, their non-clan (read European segment ) car zipping on the ORR of Hyderabad, that they took it to racing to overtake me after few minutes of chase, I was beaming with a smile inside Zeus!

Quick cons observed:

  • Two spoke steering isn't intuitive on cognitive memory
  • Side view mirrors should be an inch larger and wider with its own blind spot section
  • Braking at times, is not precise. I might wait for the car to complete its initial run in period before complaining, though
  • Headlights will not be adequate for night drives with rain or fog. Have to install two ditch lights with a yellow lens, for sure.

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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