Indian car sales in 1 image


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The Indian car sales can be summed up by this one picture.

The sales figures for the month of September 2017 show that Maruti Suzuki continues to dominate the Indian car market. Such is the volume of the cars sold by the company that, not one, but two of its models (Dzire and Alto) outsell all the models of Mahindra (the third largest manufacturer) put together. Ten out of twenty in the list of top selling cars are from the Maruti stable. The company sold 1,50,521 cars in the month and commanded a market share of 49.36%.

Since the launch of its first car - the Maruti 800 in 1983, Maruti Suzuki has grown rapidly. It has grabbed and maintained the number 1 spot in the country over the years. Today, it has fourteen different models on sale in various segments.

Hyundai took a distant second place in the charts with 50,028 units (16.40%), followed by Mahindra with 23,145 units (7.59%), Honda with 18,257 units (5.99%), Tata Motors with 17,286 units (5.67%), Toyota with 12,335 units (4.04%) and Renault with 10,874 units (3.57%). Other brands including Ford, Volkswagen, Datsun, Jeep, Skoda, Fiat, Nissan and HM-Mitsubishi have a combined market share of 7.38%.

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