Indian cars with 200,000 km on the odometer

We love to drive & we love road-trips. Hence, some of us will see 200,000 km on the odometer. Are you one of them?

I feel that 200,000 km is the new 100,000 km because the overall quality of cars has significantly improved compared to the 2000s. Earlier, 1 lakh km was the tipping point at which owners would either sell their cars off, or expect major troubles. Today, if you adhere to the OEM maintenance schedules and follow some best practices (Best Practices : Maintain your Car in Top Shape), most cars - even budget hatchbacks - will deliver 200,000 km of fuss-free service.

Unfortunately though, the average new car ownership period is ~5 years in India, hence few first-owners will ever see even 100,000 km on the odo, leave aside 200,000. That said, a majority of BHPians are now open to holding onto their cars for 10-years (Your car's age: How long do you plan to hold onto your current car?). We love to drive & we love road-trips. Hence, some of us will see 200,000 km on the odometer. Are you one of them?

If you are, please share the following details on your 2 lakh km car:

• Year, make, model & engine

• Current odo reading

• Major work done

• How much longer do you plan to retain her?

• Pictures


Here's what GTO shared about his Mahindra Classic 

• 1997 Mahindra Classic 4x4, with a 2.5 IDI diesel under the hood

• 2+ lakh km. Don't know exact reading as the odo broke down way too often to keep track

• Major work done: It's running on its 3rd engine currently. Original 2.1L XDP diesel gave up on Valentine's Day in '06 with 1.4 lakh km, then I foolishly swapped a used Contessa ISZ 1.8L Petrol. Ran that with lots of trouble, got fed up and bought a brand-new 2.5L (Bolero) diesel from Mahindra. Got it installed a decade back from a Mahindra workshop and she runs just like she did when new. Except for the chassis, dashboard, rollbar & a few other parts, everything in the Jeep has been replaced (e.g. tub has been changed twice). It's from an era when Mahindras were built like Premier 118NEs (read = very shoddy).

• How much longer you plan to retain her? A tricky question as I want to replace her with a 2021-22 Thar, but have hit some complications in the paperwork. If that gets solved, I won't hold onto her much longer. If not, then she will be a part of my garage for a long time to come. 

I take her everywhere, even fancy late night dinners & parties:

And pleasure drives. Driving just for the sake of driving:


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